Friday, March 16, 2012

Scooby and Magic Birthday Parties

When it came time for kids' dual birthday parties this year, my daughter (turning 6) and my son (turning 4) decided to have a magic and Scooby Doo party. We were super excited, because it was also our first birthday parties in our new home!

I had so much fun making the kids a banner to go on our fireplace. I found a pad of colored paper from the scrapbook section at Michaels and used two sizes of bowels to trace and cut out circles. I then printed out "Happy Birthday Emmy & Finn" using Rosewood font on microsoft word. After cutting and pasting, I tied the circles together with string.

I then made a banner for the door (with the kids help)! We had fun printing out a picture and then gluing tissue paper around it.

For my daughter's magic themed cake, she wanted a rabbit coming out of a top hat. It was fairly easy to make. It was carved and covered with fondant. The rabbit was just a giant cake ball and dried fondant ears. The whiskers are spaghetti dried noodles that I colored with black edible markers. I also sculpted a magic wand and a series of rainbow scarves. I made dice and playing cards to put around the base of the hat. Finally, I used star sparkles that I spread around the cake to mimic the napkins.

The Scooby Cake was far easier. I made a tie dye cake (see how to make a tie dye cake here) and covered it with blue buttercream icing. I then used fondant to look like scooby was coming out of the cake and also made fondant stars for the back of the cake. I cut out fondant paws and bones and then sprinkled candy sweet tart bones around the rest of the cake.

We also hired a magician who did balloon animals. The kids all seemed to have a great time.

The party favors included little toys and candy. Happy Birthday, Sweet Babies! Thanks for making every year so much better than the last!!!

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