Thursday, May 10, 2012

RN Scrub Top Cake

One of my good friends just graduated from nursing school and wanted a scrub top cake. Her colors for her party were pink and zebra print, so I made her cake pink zebra print inside and out. I think it turned out pretty cute!
To make the inside zebra print on the cake, I bought strawberry and Devil's food cake (both boxed cake mixes) and made them according to the packages. Then I put 1/4 cup cake mix of the chocolate in three small circles of my 9 X 17 inch cake pan and followed it with 1/4 cup strawberry cake mix.
Just keep repeating the process until all the batter has been used up. The batter will spread out as you keep adding more and more.
Once the batter is used up, bang the bottom of the pan on the counter to get out all the bubbles. I also use old towels that I ripped up to surround my cake pan so that the cake bakes level. Here is the site that explains the process! Just make sure to soak the towels in water before putting around the pan to bake.
Just bake according to the box instructions. Here is a picture right out of the oven where you can start to see how the zebra print can start to show through.
Once it is cooled, carve out the scrub top shape with a serrated knife and crumb coat the cake. Here is a picture of part of the carved off cake - you can kind of see the zebra stripes. I'll try to remember to get a picture when the cake is actually cut at the party:)
Dye the icing whichever color you would like and then using an 18 Wilton tip and icing knife to put your final icing coat on the cake. To make the buttercream really smooth, take a smooth paper towel and place the paper towel on top and use your hand to flatten out the icing. The heat of your hand will make the icing super smooth. Here is a site that explains the process in more detail.
I used fondant to make the stethoscope, scissors, pen and details of the scrub. I put stitch marks on the seams and used Wilton Zebra Print Sugar Paper for further detail.
I also made little band-aids that said "Great Job" and "Stick it to 'em".
I hope my favorite new nurse enjoys her cake and her new career!!

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