Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My kiddos will never try anything I cook again - especially on April Fool's Day

So, I thought and thought on how I could do an April Fool on my 2 and 4 year old, and after searching the internet, this is what I came up with this year!

A dinner of a cake that is actually meat loaf, a pizza that is actually cake and a drink that is actually jell-o! It was easy to make and so FUNNY watching the kid's eat it!

For the pizza cake, I used a cake mix and baked it in a round cake pan. I iced it with red icing to look like the tomato sauce and used a fruit roll up that I cut into circles as the pepperoni. The "cheese" was actually grated white chocolate!

Pretty convincing!

The drink was just red jell-o that I made in a cup, added strawberries, blueberries and a straw to it before it got hard!

For the meat loaf, I baked it in a rectangular cake pan and iced it with mashed potatoes! The kiddos were definitely fooled! I asked if they wanted to eat cake for dinner (which was really the meat loaf) and of course, they said yes!

My daughter taking a sip of her drink . . .

My son taking a bite of "cake" (actually meat loaf) . . .

Smiles all around when they realized that it was an April Fools and that they were allowed to eat cake (that looked like pizza) for dinner!


  1. They are took cute and you win the coolest mom award!

  2. LOL!!! I love it! Im guessing at smart as your princess is, she had it figured out pretty quickly. hugs, Tara

  3. very cute and clever but I never seem to have time on my hands....i will be so glad to hire some more people