Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hop Hop Hoppy Easter Wreath

Hop, Hop, Hoppy Easter everyone! I wanted to share my lastest Easter wreath! I wanted to create a very colorful egg with an Easter Bunny "holding" the egg from behind, and here is the finished product!!

I love all the bright colors against our dark door! It was so easy to make. Here are the items you will need to complete this wreath:
Egg shaped styrofoam (I couldn't find one, so I bought just a rectangle and cut it into the egg shape)
Different colored fabrics
Fuzzy fabric for the rabbit's hands
Elmer's glue
Headband Rabbit Ears (I got mine at the grocery store for $1.99)

The first thing that I did was to cut out the egg shape from the rectangular shaped styrofoam using a serrated knife. Don't worry if it's not completely perfect, because the fabric should hide any imperfections.

Next a cut a slit into the styrofoam and put the ribbon that I was going to use to hang it with through the slit. I added a few more slits with ribbon for the ears and hands (that way I'd have something to sew it on with).

I then mapped out the different colors and patterns that I wanted for the egg.

I cut all the fabric into 2" X 2" squares and then wrapped each piece around a pencil, dabbed it in glue and then added it to the styrofoam. For the ears, I cut them from the headband and then sewed them to the ribbon that I had attached to the styrofoam. I also tied a bow with some different ribbon, attached a note saying "Hoppy Easter" that I printed from the computer, and glued it onto the egg. Finally, I cut out some hand shapes from the fuzzy fabric and glued them on as well!

And, that's it!! Happy Easter Everyone!!

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