Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Father's Day Poem for my Dad

Days go by and we're so far apart
But I can always remember from the start
Where I came from and who I am
And you being there to guide my hand

I've learned a lot from all you do
and here's five things that I got from you

5. You taught me never buy retail
Patience is a virtue and it'll go on sale.

4. I learned to tie a windsor knot (because "it's the best")
And, a girl who can tie a man's tie is a little cooler than the rest.

3. I can catch and fillet a fish
Then fry it up for a yummy fried fish dish.

2. Work hard to become, work hard for your dreams
Believe it or not, they're always closer than it seems.

And, finally, #1 is family is always 1st because they are your heart and home
And right or wrong they've got your back and you're never alone.

My Dad and I are so different - not too much the same
Now that I'm married, I even have a different last name.

You play piano - I sing a song

You sport a comb-over, my hair is long.

You're my Daddy and I'll always be your baby girl

Now I pause cuz I can't think of any more.

You are strong and so am I
We're both friendly and also shy
You believe in me and I in you
You have a temper and me too
Both of us favor the color blue
Blue like the eyes we also share
And, Hey! We also have the same color hair
You are competative just like me
We can both plan trips to a tee
When we play, we both want to win the game
Not so many differences when we're so much the same.

And, there's one thing more that I know is true
and, that's that I know you're proud of me and I of you.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!

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