Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Days

We had a record breaking 12.5 inches of snow in Dallas this week! The kids and I had so much fun! Unfortunately, I had to work this week; however, I did in some good play time!

Here I am about to go to work having a friendly snowball fight with the kiddos! You can see our snowman in the background. I let my son pick out the eyes, and he decided on Ritz crackers, and my daughter chose the nose and mouth . . . oranges, of course (she's really into oranges lately). She did hit me with that snowball, but. . .

I pegged 'em back! We had tons of fun!

My little guy. He's favorite thing was definitely the snowball fight!

My sweet princess, who loved making the snowman!

Here's what I drove home to the next morning on my way home from work! And, the snow was still falling!
Here's a pic of part of the golf course near our house! The picture could not capture how beautiful everything looked!!
Here's the kiddos making snow angels on the second snow day! Plus, they didn't have to go to school, which made them pretty happy also:)!

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  1. Love it!! We have gotten 3 days of snow fun out of this record breaking weather! Hugs