Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday is for Family

(Here are my sweet babies riding with Nanny, sporting their shades)

I love my kiddos more than anything in the world and Sunday is family day! The day when I share all the excitement of my motherhood moments of the week! This week, on a not so fun note, both kids had pink eye. Our 2 year 2 month old little Hulk Man (he truly prefers to be called Hulk Man Lightning Mcqueen Thomas, but for the survival of my typing finger, I decided to shorten it to Hulk Man – FYI) got it first and took it like a champ. Eye drop time was more like a match from the WWF (except real) but with Hubby’s help, we were usually victorious. Our little Princess got it next, and can we say, “DRAMA”!! She sat on the couch forcing a frown, and when I asked her what was wrong she said, “I have to have my face like this, because it hurts too much to be happy.” Doubt it not, she received plenty of consoling and pampering, and we maintained the princess lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to. Poor babies! And, poor Daddy, because it happened on my work week, he took the brunt of this fun!

Flipping to the sunnier side of things, Hulk Man has decided he’s ready for the potty! He’s been saying he wanted to use the potty a lot lately, but I think it’s been more of a chance to “feel” things out than to go to the potty. However, we went out to dinner this week, and he went with Daddy to the bathroom. My hubby came back with a smile plastered on his face. Hulk Man actually went peepee in the potty! Well, on the floor, he missed the potty completely, but the idea was there – the aim was off, but the idea was spot on! YEAH! So, our Pee/Poo Potty Patrol game has begun! We bought the Cars Pull-Ups, we got the Diego potty seat and I found Incredible Hulk undies – what more could a little guy need? Yesterday, he even said he had to go poopoo, and he sat for a while, said he was done, and than pooped in his Pull-Up. Once again, the idea was right on, even if the timing wasn’t! Can my life exist without Pampers and Desitin? Hopefully, I’m about to find out!

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