Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anthropologie Bound

Thanks to Tara for showing me how to link to my blog! I must admit, I'm not too terribly computer savvy!

I'm so excited! I think I will get some time to go to my FAVORITE store today - Anthropologie! There are 2 shirts that I'm dying to try on and a pair of shoes. Hopefully, they will work out! I love that store, and was so excited to learn that there are blogs that have been created just for the sheer glory of this store! I LOVE it! Here is a link to my fav thus far - it's called Effortless Anthropologie. Too FUN!

I was able to locate of few more tidbits of my creatvie juices. I guess I'm on a post as I go plan, as most of the things I've created have long been stored in lost files on our computer:) Oh well, I'll post as I find them!


My Stocking

My Princess's tap shoe stocking


A painting I did for my parent's anniversary - it is suppose to look like a beach scene that someone cut out of a magazine and then tapped up on a wall, but it's all acrylic paint.

My Dad is a huge W.C. Fields fan, and I did this painting for him. It was my first black and white portrait, and first piece I did using different textures.

This is a painting I did to match the one below. They both hang in my casa del sol.

I did this painting for my husband as an engagement present - the letters E. Y. S. P. stand for Eternally Yours, Stacey P. (which was to be my new last name, plus worked as my signiture on the painting)

A couple of cute little birdies that I painted; which are nesting nicely in my sister's hallway.


This was actually my first sculpted cake I did for my friend's daughter's 1st bday.

Here's the little cow in the back of the barn

I did this cake for another friend whose daughter was turning one and son was turning 3. She did a combo garden/digger theme, so I made the cake look like the diggers were clearing the area to create more room for the garden to grow.

It was also the first time I did flowers or a bird bath complete with sparkly gel as water.

Old school ski ball Chuck E Cheese cake a did for Great Aunt Jan's 50th.

Tasha from the Backyardigans cake.

The first 3D cakes I ever made! They were for my daughter's first birthday.
For more cakes see previous post here!

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