Friday, January 15, 2010

Whirly Twirly

Well my friend Tara suggested about a year ago that a start a blog . . . well, I'm finally giving it a whirl! I love being creative, especially when I can share it with my friends and family! This week I've been working on several projects! One is Christmas stockings that my Sister-in-Law asked me to make her and her family for her birthday present in March (oh, and did I tell you I do EVERYTHING way way way in advance? That way if I mess it up, I have plenty of time for redos). I did stockings for my family a couple of years ago when I could not find just what I wanted, and I LOVED making them. Mine is a red, Victorian Elf boot, my little Princess got a tap shoe, my sweet baby boy got a golf shoe, and my hubby got a cowboy boot, but I found a really cute, so his was not made by me. But, it was bought by me with lots of LOVE:)!! (I'll post some picks when I learn how)! For my Sis-in-law who is very stylish, I made a very ornate high heel shoe with rhinestones, fringe, feathers . . . the works! I made it a bit too skinny, but I love it! For her two beautiful daughters, I made a ballet shoe complete with a tutu, and I made an ice skate with lavendar fringe and silver accents! And, for my Brother-in-law, I am making a motorcycle style boot (I haven't finished that one just yet, but am very excited about the chain I bought as the hanger). Again, I will post picks ASAP, and include the patterns that I drew out as well.

The second fun thing I've been planning is a birthday cake for Tara's daughter who is turning ONE!! (How did that happen so fast???) The theme is Winter ONE-derland!! Too cute. There is lots of pink, snowflakes and snowman. And, Tara is great b/c she gives me the freedom to let my creative juices flow. I'm planning a pink snowgirl, complete with carrot nose, stick arms, and a pink polka dotted hat - similar to the one on her invitation. I'll post the pic of my sketch. I can't wait to get started!! It's too too fun.

Here are some Cakes from the Past:)

Underwater themed cake

Little Mermaid

Mickey Mouse

Superhero Cake


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