Thursday, January 28, 2010

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” Dr. Seuss - HMMMM . . .

Well, it was not one of the best mornings at work! Two codes in the morning back to back followed by no morning person to relieve me! So, I did not get home until very LATE! Then I still had so much adrenaline running through my veins that I could not sleep, but I was too tired to go to the store, so now I'm behind in my cake making . . . sigh! Oh well, I'll get it done! I left extra early for work, so I could go to Micheals and Kroger's to get everything I need; however, Kroger did not have the pink strawberry cake mix, so I had to get yellow . . . sigh again. I plan on trying another store on my way home to see if they might have it, but if not, then sadly, yellow will have to suffice. I finished my shopping early though and was able to check in at Anthropology to try on a new shirt that I've had my eyes on.

But, alas, it looked like I was wearing shoulder pads, and I'm not into bringing back that look;)! Needless to say, January 28th was not my ideal day; however, today was EXTREMELY special, because it was my niece's birthday! And, remembering that and thinking of her makes everything else pretty minute! She is so much fun and has entertained us all since the day she was born! I LOVE her SO MUCH! It makes me feel so blessed for all the things in my life, and allows me to remember a saying my husband loves to quote, "Don't sweat the petty stuff, just pet the . . .". Well, nevermind the rest; it's the first part that matters! So, with that, I'm saying a prayer for all my poor patients who are at the hospital here tonight, I'm preparing a new plan of action for the snowman cake, and I'm saying "C'est la vie" to my beloved Anthropology fashion obcession! Tomorrow is gone and today's gonna be bright (except for the snow and ice predicted in the morning for my drive home)! ;)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! I wish I was there to give you a big smooch!!! MWUAH!!!!

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