Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

It's my hubby's b-day!! This year all he wanted was something new for his iPod, so that's what he got, but in the past, I was a bit more creative! Here are a few past gifts that I think would make great birthday or Father's Day presents!
(PS. He's a very hard guy to buy for, so if anyone else has a great hubby's b-day or Father's Day gift idea, PLEASE share it!!)

Here's a T-shirt quilt that I had made for him out of all his old college day T-shirts that he loved so much, but that were falling apart! At first, he was in a state of shock, but now, he really enjoys it and uses it while watching the tele in the evening. I had it made right here in Addison, Texas by a terrific mother daughter duo called Texas T-Shirt Quilts! They were great, fast and very reasonable!

Now, what mother puts their little daughter's handprint in the shape of a gun with a note "get your guns up"? Anyone whose husband graduated from Texas Tech, that's who! Come on Red Raiders, get your guns up!! Having graduated from UT, we are rivals; however, I let it slide when making this plate for my hubby. He LOVED it. Combine a man's baby along with his favorite school and you get one grateful and happy man!

Here's the back of the plate . . . sooooo sweet! You can see I got it done by Heavenly Toes!

This is a scarf that I knitted for him. He wasn't overly excited at first, but this has turned out to be one of the longest and coldest winters in Texas history, so he's actually worn it a lot and seems to really like it. By the way, this was his very GQ "I'm looking at my watch" pose! What a model, I feel he really captured the essence of the scarf:)

Finally, this was actually an engagement present for him. It's a fairly large painting and the letters stand for "eternally yours SP" (my wedding name initials). We still have it hanging up in our dining room, and I love what it represents and how far we have grown as a couple these last 10 years! Happy Birthday, My Love. Hopefully next year I can be a bit more creative:)

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