Friday, March 12, 2010

Introducing the Abby Cadabby Cake! Brought to you by the Letter G and the Number 2

Ok, so it's not my best work, but I am just really HOPING Baby G will enjoy it! To those who may not know who Abby Cadabby is, here's a pic! She's a newer resident on Sesame Street and so adorably cute.

I must admit, that I was terribly anxious when asked to do this cake, because I really don't think I've ever made a character cake before, and I'm not a pastry chief or artist and didn't really know where to begin, but I took the plunge anyway. Here's the finished cake . . .

And, here's how I made it:

Here's the initial drawing.

I used Wilton's 3D Bear Cake Pan and followed the direction to make the body of little Abby. I baked the left over cake mix in a loaf pan and cut it into half to make the gift.

I then carved off the arms and legs, and cut off the ears so that I could re-attach them a bit lower.

I then covered the gift in fondant, began making a fondant bow in yellow, and attached new fondant arms and legs (I use marshmellow fondant that I make from the recipe here, and I'm included a tutorial below on how to dye it). I then re-attached the feet to the ends of the new fondant legs with buttercream icing. I also reattached the ears with some buttercream icing and toothpicks. I added two round fondant spheres on the top of her head where her hair would go, and finally, I crumb coated the entire cake in buttercream icing.

Because Abby the puppet has fur, I wanted to have a textured look to the icing. I did this by using the star tip and piping little pink stars for her body. For her hair, I used a grass tip. I covered everything else using fondant - including the little white flowers in her hair.

Here's a close-up of the bow and "tag" on the gift.

Here's a closer look at the dress. It is made of different shades of blue and purple fondant which was cut into leaf shapes and stuck on with a little bit of water. To add shimmer, I painted on some edible glitter.

Since Baby G is turning two, I stamped in little 2's on the gift's wrapping paper.

For Abby's wings, I carved out wing shapes from fondant and allowed them to dry over night. I then created a slit in her back, added a little buttercream and shoved the wings into place.

Just to add a little umph to the wings, I piped on a few swirly things.

Everything else on her face is fondant (well, except the mouth which I piped on). Like I said, it's not my best work (to see other cakes I've done, click here), but it was pretty fun to make. I just hope Baby G likes it and has a really great day! Happy Birthday, Baby G!

How to color fondant (for April):

This is how I do it anyway:) I create a little tub in the fondant.

I add the color (again I used Wilton's). For black, add what you think is enough, and then slap on a little more.

Turn the fondant in on itself and start kneading.

Will your hands get dirty? Heck ya they will! But, if you wash them right afterward, it should all come off. And, that's it . . . keep kneading . . . keep going . . .you're almost done . . .ok, when the color is uniform, you can stop kneading! Hope that helps!


  1. My Mom is a great cake decorate, and I've done a bit, and this looks challenging! Especially how you cut out the arms, it turned out cute!! Great job!

    Visiting from Friend Making Friday!

  2. Visiting from Friend Making Friday too!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Kendall knew exactly who your cake was when I showed her. I WILL be THE first person through the door when you open your bakery. Hugs!!!

  4. Kendall and I go way back . . . she's very familiar with my work - LOL! I really don't think it's one of my better ones, but thanks so much! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  5. Oh My Gracious! It turned out GREAT! You are brilliant! I'm so super impressed!

    Thanks for the paci suggestion you left on my blog. That is a FABULOUS idea. I think a trip to Build a Bear is definitely in order.

    Have fun on your Spring Break trip.

  6. Thank you! I'm so happy you're gonna try the build a bear idea! It really worked for us! Plus, even if they ask for a paci, there's no paci to give, so parents cannot give into temptation! Good Luck!