Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

This was such a wonderful week! I was off from work, Nanny came to visit and we had lots of sunshine! It was also my best friend's birthday and my sweet hubby's birthday and tonight we are going to a birthday party for my SIL's birthday!

My sweet princess had so much fun with her Nanny. She has also started to play "Ro-bot". She speaks in a very robotic way and says thing like, "I am a ro-bot. I am a sis-ter ro-bot num-ber 4." While in the car playing robot, she said, "I am a ro-bot. I have me-tal hands. I have lots of gas." I'm assuming she means that b/c she's a robot, she runs on fuel, but really how funny is that! My mom and I almost wet our pants we laughed so hard. She was also excited to finally get her "apron that touches her feet". (It's so easy to make, I'll post the tutorial later this week). I wear an apron when I cook, and she's been wanting one that goes to her feet, and does my princess get what she wants? Heck ya she does, especially when it doesn't cost a thing:)

My little Hulk Man had a great time with his Nanny too. He did have to go to the doctor and get a shot, but he did end up with a new ball, Cars toothbrush (Nanny's a dental hygenist) and gummy bears. So, it worked out ok. Yesterday afternoon, after Nanny had left, I thought our little sweet angel was taking his nap. When I heard him call out for me a couple hours later, I was in for a big shock. He had not been sleeping, he had exploded a tube of Desitin and had smeared it all over his bed, blankie, wall, sheets, carpet and himself.

There REALLY is a HUGE difference between raising a girl and a boy, and I think these pictures say it all!

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  1. Wow!! You aren't kidding about mr destin. Cannot wait to hear how you made that cute apron. We LOVE aprons at our house. Kendall and I are going to bake an apple pie this week. Ill let ya know how it goes. Hugs