Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today I Am . . . Shirt

My kiddos love to pretend, so I decided to make a shirt to make it clear to the rest of the family who they were on that particular day! It was super easy and the kids love them! Here's my son's shirt:

Here is my daughter's shirt:

It just says,"Today I Am" and then it has boxes that he/she can place a little check or heart in so we know if he/she is "Batman" or a "Fairy" or "Spiderman" or a "Princess" or best of all, him or herself! To make the shirt, I just printed out different fonts from our computer, made a stencil from freezer paper, ironed it on and painted!

For the check and heart, I just used sticky velcro and put a little square in the middle of each box (I used the soft part of the velcro for the shirt), and one little square on the felt check or heart that I cut out.

And, that's it! A quick and easy way to make a really fun shirt!


  1. That is adorable!!!! Love freezer paper. Mine lives in the craft room, not the kitchen. LOL

  2. Oh that is just too cool! Check the box for the day! Love it!