Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easy Cowboy Polo

I saw this Wrangle Me Tee from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar and had to give it a try! It was so easy and turned out so cute! My little guy seemed pretty happy with it too:)

Here's how easy it is to make!

I just bought a polo shirt from a discount store for $3.50 and a product called "Heat and Bond" (which works just like the name says). I then used wax paper to make a template for the fabric.

I then cut out the fabric and ironed it on the Heat and Bond, cut it out, peeled of the backing of the heat and bond and then ironed it onto the shirt.

And, that's it! Super easy!

Here's the back. Thanks Cheri for such a great idea!

I loved the Heat and Bond so much that I quickly enhanced and pair of pants for my daughter who LOVES Belle. It was the same idea, I cut out a picture of Belle than used Heat and Bond to attach her to a pair of yoga pants that my daughter already had! She was so excited and wore them the rest of the evening!



  2. Thanks Tara, and I LOVE you!!

  3. Stacey! Way to go! I love your wrangle me tee. Thanks for letting me know you made one. You rock!

  4. That shirt is so cool! Love the pants! My daughter would die for those!!!

  5. Thanks! It is such a fun and easy project!!

  6. Aw, look at those adorable models! I love the cowboy shirt idea. Filing it away for future use...

    Thank you for linking up to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.