Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Last WHO-RAH to Winter

Since spring has officially entered my life (YAHOO), I wanted to give one last winter-esk tutorial . . . making a Pidge scarf! Now up until a few months ago, I had NO idea how to knit, but after watching a few tutorials by Threadbangers, I quickly learned how! It is so easy and the things you can make are endless. Here are a few of my first scarves that I made. Are the mindblowing and crazy good? No, but they were really fun and easy to make.

This is just a black scarf with a few white stripes and the ends. I gave this to a friend of mine for Christmas.

Here is a second scarf that I completed for my hubby. Yes, he is in his PJs doing is very suave interpretation of a GQ model. What time is it, sweetie? Haha!

These next two scarves are called Pidge scarves, and I learned how to make them from a Threadbanger tutorial. You can literally whip these out in a couple of hours, and I love the buttons. Here are two that I made for some other friends of mine. (My poor family & friends!! They have to put up with some many of my COTH (crafts of the hour))!

They really are a great winter accessory and look great for guys and gals!

Thanks dear family and friends for always being so supportive and accepting all my homemade gift - Love y'all!!
The Girl Creative


  1. I love the Pidge scarf, it's the perfect little neck warmer! Good job.

  2. Thanks so much! I love quick and easy gifts:)

  3. we love our scarves!!!...you are an amazing friend;)....

  4. I really love that Pidge scarf! Visiting from TCG New Friend Friday! Im now a follower too :)